Hans Kray Jr. returns to sixth after Dirksen riots?  This is his response to that

Hans Kray Jr. returns to sixth after Dirksen riots? This is his response to that

Johann Dirksen and his controversial candlelight story caused a lot of upheaval in the Netherlands. Rene van der Geep described yesterday’s discussion as “a lot of trouble for nothing”. old or old-VI– Hans Kray Jr.’s face was by no means requested Today insidesaid in lover.

Wilfried Jenny, Rene van der Jeep and Johan Derksen will appear next Monday back on the tube from indoors today. After the story of the Dirksen candle and the uproar that arose as a result, the show went from TV† A little over 2 weeks later, because guys will be back anyway.

Hans Kray Jr. didn’t ask about Today Inside

Joined last night Cray Jr lover To talk about the issue of football. But of course Today inside– Discussing riots. Cray Jr. has been sitting at the table for seventeen years VI-men. However, Dirksen decided his Today insideto put it aside. Because Kray Jr. He didn’t fit in with the new character of the daily talk show.

Watch Kray Jr. The hype surrounding the program from the sidelines. “Because you just left, a lot of people would ask if you wanted to join talk shows to talk about it. And I didn’t need to at all.” The football analyst predicted that VIThe men returned to the tube. “They love making television, so I would say: Continue in† He wishes all three good luck and remains politically correct, according to presenter Bo van Ervin Dorens. “They should do whatever they want.” The presenter can’t help but ask if Kraay Jr. return request. “No, but you don’t have to.” Van Erven Dorens notes that perhaps Cray Jr. could have introduced a bit of “relativism” into the discussion. “Well, no, I don’t think so,” replied the football analyst.

Rene van der Jeep calls Johann Dirksen ‘trouble’

raided yesterday pound-Reporter Jeroen Holtrop VIThe face of Rene van der Jeep. verb, in typical”PowNeds’, with pie check and strip club value. To convince Van Der Gijp again on Monday VISeating table. Van der Geep explained to the reporter that he had been reclusive in recent days. Van der Geep assumed yesterday that he would be back in the studio on Monday. He called it “a lot for nothing”. “For a non-existent story. Yes, what can you do with it,” Sixth Face replied with a laugh.

Want to watch Beau’s full broadcast? Last night’s episode find you here

Criticism of RTL Boulevard ‘shameful’ that rings the doorbell in Johan Derksen

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Hans Kray Jr.’s response to the Today Inside riots and René van der Gijp calls it ‘trouble for nothing’

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