Domenicali ziet nieuwe standaard in Miami: "Dit is wat Formule 1 vandaag de dag is"

Stefano Domenicali sees a new standard in Miami: ‘This is what Formula 1 is today’

Ian Parks and Remy Ramjiawan

Stefano Domenicali believes Formula 1 is currently “on fire” after the debut of the Miami Grand Prix, which the Italian says has been a success on all fronts.

Off the track, the Miami Grand Prix was amazing in terms of facilities and entertainment, and became a affair for all kinds of stars who wanted to see and be seen above all else. Among the upcoming celebrities was former first lady Michelle Obama. However, Domenicali also understands that there is still a lot to improve at Miami GB.

Domenicali lacks superlatives

“What we experienced this weekend has been amazing,” Domenicali said. GPFans† He continues: “When you consider that we signed the contract less than a year ago and there was nothing back then, that’s impressive, so congratulations, it’s the vibes. You can see what Formula 1 is like today.” The growth of sports in the United States has also been remarkable. “Everyone wanted to be there, and it was hard to say yes or no. Everyone said ‘This is the place to be.'” Formula 1! Formula 1! “So I think we should all be happy,” he explains excitedly.

Sweat is more important than entertainment

Now that the Grand Prix weekend is over, the organization is looking at improvements for next year. “There will be improvements, but that’s not the most important thing,” said Domenicali, who will speak to Hard Rock Stadium CEO Tom Garfinkel in the coming days. “Our focus is always on getting great races. You get everything in order, but if that’s missing…So I’ll sit down with Tom for sure. Sure, there are lessons to be learned,” he admits. Despite this, the CEO of Formula 1 considers the event more than just a success. “But when you see the energy, it’s great. But again, the feelings are there. We are one step ahead of the growth we need because Formula 1 is on fire,” he concludes.

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