Wilfred Genee could be making a fuss about whether to continue on VI's 'No Longer Follow' |  right Now

Wilfred Genee could be making a fuss about whether to continue on VI’s ‘No Longer Follow’ | right Now

Wilfred Jenny himself was unable to “follow up” last week what was happening about the possible comeback of the TV show Today inside† He said that on Friday afternoon on his radio show Friday movement on BNR.

“Even I can no longer follow it at a certain moment. It has become very mysterious. Johan (Deriksen, editor) pointed out how he experienced it, and noted how he saw his own role. I am curious about what will happen on Monday.”

the program Today inside Television will return next Monday, after a two-week break and a sensation, with Jenny, Johan Derricksen and René van der Gibe.

The three broadcasters decided to stop on April 29 after a storm of turmoil over the confession of Dirksen, who said he pierced an unconscious woman with a candle half a century ago. He later backtracked and said there was no breakthrough.

Talpa previously stated that the comeback was “premature”

Confusion arose on Wednesday when Dirksen was in ad He said the trio will return on television on Monday. Van der Jeep said in RTL Boulevard He knows nothing, and Talpa also stated that he found Dirksen’s statements “premature”.

“I take no responsibility” for Talpa’s comments, Paul Romer, director of radio and television for Talpa, said Thursday morning. He did not want to give a text and explanation about the situation on NPO Radio 1, where he was a guest. “Everything you say is just pouring oil on the fire,” said Talpa’s CEO. “Quotes instantly take on a life of their own.”

Talpa: Case closed

Marco Lovrenz, Talpa’s director of television, said in a short statement that the company has taken a stand against the way Dirksen told his story and the way he handled the topic. “We know guys sometimes walk over the edge and that’s what sets the show apart, but this was clearly a step too far in many ways.”

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As far as Talpa is concerned, the case is closed. †Today inside It remains a program in which, among other things, discussions and conversations on various topics take place in public places.”

Previous riots around Dirksen

The riots show parallels with a similar incident in June 2020. Many people then fell for a funny comment made by Dirksen about Zwarti Peet and rapper Aquasi. Then Dirksen also said that he no longer wanted to participate in the program.

However, he wrote in his autobiography that Talpa founder John de Mol kept him on his contract. The Talpa Network did not want to explain the question of whether this has also played a role in the past two weeks.

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