Eurovision jury show stunned and angry at 'Måneskin' performance |  Eurovision 2022 in Turin

Eurovision jury show stunned and angry at ‘Måneskin’ performance | Eurovision 2022 in Turin

A painful moment tonight for the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. The audience at PalaOlimpico were ready for the announced appearance by Måneskin on the jury show, but they got an unpleasant surprise.

Alexander van Eenenam, Mark den Blanken

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13-05-22, 23:53

Måneskin, the former Eurovision Song Contest winner, will perform on Saturday during the Eurovision Song Contest final. The show was held Friday evening with an audience in the room and after 25 shows, including S10, the presenters announced Måneskin. However, it turns out that the band that engaged in lip-syncing on stage was not the hugely popular band, but a number of back-ups from the group of background dancers.


The audience whistled at the invaders and expressed their disapproval with loud boos. Presenter Alessandro Cattelan tried to save the situation, but to no avail. ‘You’re in luck,’ he told the viewers, because you were one of the first to hear Manskin’s new song. “Stop it, it’s not their fault,” Cattelan told fans, referring to the substitutions.

What followed was an awkward conversation with the “fake Damiano” simply found in the text. Cattelan asked, among other things, how he collaborated with famous Swedish producer Max Martin on the new song Supermodel, which will be played by Måneskin in tomorrow night’s final if all goes well. Because the “fake Damiano” was playing well, he still received applause in the hall, from which many spectators left.

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The organization did not say why the band did not perform. Måneskin got a promotion in Turin on Friday. The organization held that into a brief press release, verbatim stating that Måneskin is expected to perform during Saturday’s final. The reason for the absence on Friday was not mentioned.

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