Gordon stuck in South Africa: ‘I want to be with friends and family’

Gordon stuck in South Africa: ‘I want to be with friends and family’

But what does Gordon do in South Africa if there is negative travel advice? “Gordon will be absent until the end of January due to recovery,” the statement read. “Given the current conditions and new developments surrounding the coronavirus in both Europe and South Africa, he would like to be with family and friends.”

Little problem: a flight to Amsterdam has to leave if Gordon wants to get home quickly. Just let those flights be cancelled. The Cabinet has banned flights from South Africa due to a new type of coronavirus circulating there. “He is not working with KLM and is now trying to get home via a different route. He has tested negative for this trip and will be quarantined upon his return, which he has been several times in recent months.”

Goor hopes this plan will work. Otherwise, there will be no other choice but to stay in Cape Town and wait until he can travel safely again. Although the ban lasts until January 1, there is a glimmer on the horizon for Gordon. Passengers stranded in the UK or South Africa can travel again quickly if they have a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours. This is what Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuysen of the Department of Infrastructure and Water said Tuesday afternoon. Van Nieuwenhuizen doesn’t know exactly how quickly this can be arranged, but anyway “quickly”. “We are now talking with the carriers about how quickly we can arrange this and hopefully very quickly.”

However, Gordon is not looking forward to it. The department says: “Since the borders will likely open again on January 1, Gordon has decided not to come to Holland via all kinds of detours, but to stay in Cape Town, taking every precaution until everything is safe. one more time”. Gordon was due to return from South Africa at the end of January and will remain that way for now.

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Despite all the setbacks in the past year, Gordon has life again, he previously told RTL Boulevard.

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