Princess Leonor celebrates her eighteenth birthday

Princess Leonor celebrates her eighteenth birthday

Princess Leonor of Spain celebrated her 18th birthday in a grand and solemn manner with a swearing-in ceremony, a speech and the receipt of Spain’s highest civilian honour.

In her speech, the princess promised that she would devote her life to all Spaniards. With respect and loyalty. She also asked for confidence in herself and in the future.

For those who understand Spanish:

I found the swearing-in ceremony with my hands on the Spanish Constitution a poignant moment.

RTV screenshot

Meanwhile, Queen Letizia was watching the photo closely.

Letizia chose blue, just as Mathilde and Marie did for their son’s 18th birthday. You may recognize the loose-fitting three-pin dress on the shoulder from our Fashion Favorites series.

Princess Leonor, who was all about the day, chose a white pantsuit.

(c) The Royal House

Perhaps a reference to mother Letizia, who also wore a white jumpsuit on her engagement day?

Casa Real screenshot

Sofia’s vertical dress is designed by Erdem, and the king, in turn, wears a black morning suit and gray striped trousers. Are you interested in knowing the dress code that applies here? Then click here.

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