Fans sympathize with ‘devastated’ Gio Latoye after his breakup with Jade Anna Van Fleet

Fans sympathize with ‘devastated’ Gio Latoye after his breakup with Jade Anna Van Fleet

The influencer and YouTuber begin their story in Gio’s latest vlog. “We’re sitting down again.” The couple also broke up a year ago, just to give their relationship another chance. “After a year of trying, we found out it didn’t work again.”

The two explain that they “don’t argue and love each other very much.” “We’ve figured out that it’s really better to stay friends,” Gio sighs. “A relationship is not possible for us.”

The exes maintain that they “never argue.” “We are too good friends to be in a relationship,” Anna concludes. “I can say for myself that I may be the factor that…that I may not always return the love you give me and you deserve it.”

The fact that they broke up as friends makes the breakup between Gio and Anna bearable on the one hand, but difficult on the other. “It will make it easier for you if you hate each other,” Jade Anna explains. Gio agrees: “I’d actually rather just completely reprimand Jade, call her names, and get it over with in one fell swoop.”

When Gio sits alone in the car and cries with the song Bleeding love By Leona Lewis, Breaking. “I’ll be very honest with you too, I’ve been wearing a mask a little bit the last two or three weeks in vlogs, because I haven’t been really happy. I feel like I can finally let it all out for a little bit now, and now In the open He is. “That’s why I’m a little upset, I guess.”

There is a lot of support for YouTubers within the Gio vlog. “Gio, it’s okay. You have a lot of love inside you, and you no doubt get it from your parents. You will really find a woman who can give that back to you. “Gio, you have to learn to be alone and focus on your health,” advises another. Pay attention to healthy eating, exercise and learning! Temporary distraction from family and friends! Learn to be alone!

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Another commenter wants to emphasize that he is 34 years old: “You will never lose, at most one more lesson.” Think of yourself, my friend and your immediate loved ones! He will never let you down.

Enzo Noll and his ex-girlfriend, Dee, also announced their separation in an emotional manner via YouTube:

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