Everything about the NFL American football competition at a glance

Everything about the NFL American football competition at a glance

What is the largest American football league in the world? Maybe you don’t have to think about it for long. This is of course National Football League In the United States, better known by the popular abbreviation NFL. The kickoff game between the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions on Friday, September 8 officially marked the start of the new season.

All about the new NFL season 2023/24

Now that the new season has begun, it’s time to get more information about the NFL. Because any one difference Play against each other and what will happen next League Outside? All NFL games in the Netherlands can be watched via ESPN, meaning they can be watched live and back for free via Canal Digitaal. All four ESPN channels are included in the provider’s package at no additional cost. 👉 Register now with Canal Digital and watch for free Week 1 Live and return to everything from ESPN 1, 2, 3 and 4, award-winning movies and series, 60+ TV channels and more.

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ℹ️ What is the NFL?
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🎫 Playoffs
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🏟 Super Bowl Halftime Show

What is the NFL?

The NFL is an American football league that Every year between September and January Being regulated. Participation in the tournament in total 32 teams Which is divided into two competitions: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Each group has four sections: East, North, West and South. Each team plays four teams within these divisions.

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How does a regular NFL draft work?

The National Football League consists of Two parts. The regular season begins in September, with competition opening with a so-called kickoff game. However, this match will be played by last year’s defending champion. This year’s game was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions. Millions of viewers saw how the last team from Michigan managed to win the exciting match.

During the Regular semester All teams play 16 matches. The program for these matches has already been determined in advance. In this portion of the schedule, each team plays six games within its division, with one away game and one home game scheduled. All teams also play four games against teams within their own conference, but from a different division. The final series of games within its own conference consists of two games against teams from the other two divisions that finished in the same place last season. The final four games will be played against a division outside its own conference.

So it is not often the case that two specific teams will play against each other or meet teams outside of their own conference. To solve this problem, a system was designed in which teams come from one region Another division We collide with each other once every three years. Teams from the two different conference groups can also meet each other once every four years.

This is how the NFL playoffs work

The second part of the competition consists of: Playoffs. The top six teams in each conference qualify for this, with reaching the coveted Super Bowl being the ultimate goal. The tournament consists of four rounds at this stage. The Wildcard Qualifier is played first. The top two teams from each conference have an exemption. After these matches, the quarter-finals, also known as Divisional qualifiers. Next comes the semi-finals Conference championships. Ultimately, the NFL Finals will be decided in the Super Bowl.

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Teams in the new 2023-24 NFL season

The 32 participating teams were divided into Two groups for conferences. Within these competitions, all teams are again divided into Four sections. The table below lists all teams by conference and division in which they play.

a team to divide
🔴Baltimore Ravens north
🔴Cincinnati Bengals north
🔴Cleveland Browns north
🔴Pittsburgh Steelers north
🔵Buffalo Bills east
🔵 Miami Dolphins east
🔵 New England Patriots east
🔵 New York Jets east
🟡 Houston Texas south
🟡Indianapolis Colts south
🟡Jacksonville Jaguars south
🟡Tennessee Titans south
🟢Denver Broncos the West
🟢Kansas City Chiefs the West
🟢 Las Vegas Raiders the West
🟢 Los Angeles Chargers the West
a team to divide
🔴Chicago Bears north
🔴Detroit Lions north
🔴Green Bay Packers north
🔴Minnesota Vikings north
🔵 Dallas Cowboys east
🔵 New York Giants east
🔵 Philadelphia Eagles east
🔵 Washington leaders east
🟡Atlanta Falcons south
🟡Carolina Panthers south
🟡New Orleans Saints south
🟡Tampa Bay Buccaneers south
🟢Arizona Cardinals the West
🟢Los Angeles Rams the West
🟢San Francisco 49ers the West
🟢 Seattle Seahawks the West

Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl is the final of American football held every year in February. Match between Champions The American Football Conference and the National Football League Conference are also considered one of the most important American sporting events. Or well, actually as one of the most important events in the world. Battle 58H The Super Bowl edition is indicated by the Roman numeral LVIII.

So-called halftime shows are presented during the intermission of American football matches. During this show the artist performs and takes care of him entertainment Between halves of the match. Many people see the halftime show as the highlight of the Super Bowl.

Picture for clarification

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