Emotional reunion in Wierden for family who lost two children in a log cabin fire: ‘This is very important’ |  Verden

Emotional reunion in Wierden for family who lost two children in a log cabin fire: ‘This is very important’ | Verden

Robert ten brink gave an emotional reunion tonight at the christmas party of the All you need is love. The Van Dyck family lost two children in 2014 after a horrific fire in their American log cabin. After this shocking event, the “intimate” reconciliation with their family in the Netherlands never happened again. So far. “I think it is very important that we celebrate Christmas with the whole family,” said the author of the letter and Brother Rene from Wierden, visibly moved.

“Once in a while you get email like this from people who cut it terribly,” Robert ten Brink said tonight on the Feel Good cameras. Father Vicki, who lives in America with his family, wrote to the Ten Brink team, but it turned out that he was not the only one. His brother Rene, who lives in Werden, also hired the broadcaster. After reading the extensive letter, Ten Brink and his team had no choice but to reunite Feike with his family in the Netherlands.

It all has to do with a traumatic event that left the Van Dyck family scarred for life. They lost their two sons in 2014 after their log cabin caught fire in Wyoming, USA. Their three other children, son Edel and twins, survived the fire. After the violent incident, Feike saw his Dutch family during his sons’ memorials and also traveled to the Netherlands now and then, but there weren’t quite as pleasant family evenings, Brother Rennie states in his letter to Ten Brink.

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Rennie and Vikji are greeted by Robert ten Brink. © RTL

So Christmas 2022 should have been the right time to let the family spend quality time together. So the family traveled to the Netherlands and they entered with their bags and everything All you need is loveChristmas bus. There was also another reason for the reunion: son Remy was fighting for his life around this time last year after he ended up in a coma during surgery on his face.

Vicki with two of his children.

Vicki with two of his children. © RTL

And in the end it worked out,” Vicki told Ten Brink. He continued, visibly moved: “I tell everyone I still have five kids. Blessing We are still together as a family.”


Meanwhile, Rinie and his mother Feikje, who was visiting, had no idea that Feike and his family were waiting around the corner so they could cuddle up again after months. Rennie explained to Ten Brink that he thinks it’s “very important” to be able to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. “My brother has been here since 2014, but not doing anything fun together. I thought: I have a no, you can have a yes. That’s why I’m writing. Hoping my brother will come along that way.”

Feike and his family out All You Need is the Love Bus.

Feike and his family out All You Need is the Love Bus. © RTL

And if they could. When Ten Brink revealed that they were waiting outside, Mother Feikje couldn’t hold back her tears. “truly?” She was crying as she walked out. There she ran to her son, grandchildren and daughter-in-law. “How cute,” she exclaimed, as everyone put their arms around each other.


In addition to Feike’s reconciliation, more people have been reunited tonight. Ten Brink took Argentine Julia, Africa Paul, and American Joey to Switzerland to reunite with their great Dutch sweethearts.

For example, Joey and blonde Rachel jumped into each other’s arms after months on a narrow Swiss street, Paul was reunited with his girlfriend Jitske at 4000m and Jochem and Julia managed to embrace each other again in church, where Guus Meeuwis had a surprise, dedicating Romantic song for love birds.

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