Macron wants French nuclear weapons for all of Europe – Job

Macron wants French nuclear weapons for all of Europe – Job


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President Emmanuel Macron has stated that he is prepared to deploy French nuclear weapons throughout Europe, including the Netherlands. This is a major change in military strategy. Until now, military doctrine has been that France, the only nuclear power within the European Union, may use weapons of mass destruction only if its territory or vital interests are threatened. This is the second time in a week that Macron has raised this issue. The topic seems to be of importance during the European elections. His political opponents reject the proposal and believe that nuclear weapons should only serve France.

The president is prepared to link the use of nuclear weapons to the “European dimension” of those French interests. Deutsche Welle writes. He added: “I am willing to open this discussion, which must also include missile defense, long-range capabilities, and nuclear weapons for those who possess them or those who host American nuclear weapons.” The Netherlands is one of the countries where US nuclear weapons are based. “Let's put it on the table and see what can reliably protect us.”

Macron wants Europe to take better care of itself. In a speech about his vision, delivered on Thursday at the prestigious Sorbonne University, he mentioned, among other things, that until recently Europe had been outsourcing everything to foreign powers in three basic areas: defense to the United States, energy supplies to Russia, and energy supplies to Russia. China's technological progress. According to Macron, Europe must take these matters into hand.

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