This is how you make it so much better

This is how you make it so much better

Are you worried about the quality of your smart TV? Before you even think about buying a new one, you can improve yourself a lot.

An evening of watching Netflix, YouTube, or Disney Plus is best enjoyed using a smart TV. Thanks to Smart TV, you can access all applications at the touch of a button.

Image quality leaves something to be desired in some cases. But that doesn’t mean you need to replace it. With some simple settings you can achieve a lot.

Help with your Smart TV: This is how to make it much better

By adjusting a few settings, you can achieve wonders. Suddenly your smart TV looks completely different. Below you will find all our tips.

#1 Use the correct image settings

Smart TVs have different picture settings, such as Standard, Vivid, and Sports. You want a vivid picture while watching, but not all settings can provide that.

Xiaomi Mi 4K TV
Xoami 4K AI Smart TV (Photo: AliExpress)

Vivid mode often makes colors overly bright, making them look unnatural. Sports mode increases colors for a more vibrant image, but this isn’t always accurate and can strain your eyes. Movie mode usually provides the most realistic image. For OLED TVs, it’s best to switch to Dolby Vision Cinema Home mode for home use.

#2 Play with brightness and backlighting

It’s best to adjust some picture settings manually, so you can find a level that suits your living room and smart TV. We’ll take you through the two most important things: brightness and backlighting.

Brightness controls the black levels of your Smart TV. So, if the brightness is too low, you will miss details, and if it is too high, the image will be blurry. The backlight controls the overall brightness. You want the setting to be high in bright rooms to reduce glare, and lower for better contrast and more comfortable viewing in the dark. Finding the right balance takes some experimentation, but you’ll definitely figure it out.

#3 Stop saving power on your smart TV

This may seem a bit contradictory, but if you choose the best Smaert TV, it is essential to turn off your power saving functions. Manufacturers add “eco modes” to save power, but they have a significant impact on image quality.

Low backlight makes the image dull and reduces brightness, which also affects contrast. Therefore, it is better to disable Eco mode if you want to enjoy the best image quality.

#4 Think about your viewing distance

In addition to the TV, you can also take a close look at the exact position of your chair. The distance you sit from your TV has a big impact on your viewing pleasure. This doesn’t directly affect image quality, but it can define your entire experience. If you sit too close, you may feel overwhelmed, but if you sit too far away, you will miss the finer details.

The best viewing distance depends on the size of your smart TV. Here are different opinions on this topic. For example, some experts say you should sit at 1.5 times the height of your screen when watching a 4K TV. Others say that you should sit a little further away. Here too, it comes down to what you find most comfortable.

#5 Check mood lighting

If your ambient light is too bright or too distracting, it can cause your Smart TV’s picture to be disappointing. Therefore, it is a good idea to turn off the lights and get as close to the dark as possible.

Lidl is offering a huge discount on the Philips Hue alternative
Enjoy in your home. (Photo: Lidl)

Especially if your TV isn’t very bright, something you deal with with older OLED TVs and cheaper LED TVs. In a dark room, contrast is sharper, making colors pop.

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