Apple SignTime connects Apple Store customers by phone with sign language interpreter – computer – news

Apple SignTime will be released on Thursday. This is a service for people with disabilities, as customers can communicate directly with AppleCare and retail customer service via their phone or browser via a sign language interpreter. This also applies to visitors to Apple stores.

Signtime interpreters are contacted via browser sessions, as this assistance does not need to be reserved when visiting an Apple Store in advance. Sign interpreters can be arranged by appointment in a number of countries, including France, Belgium and Germany.

Signature time will be available on Thursday and will According to Apple It was initially released only in the United Kingdom, the United States, and France. The company says there are plans to expand the service to more countries in the future, although it remains unknown when this will happen and which countries will be added.

Additionally, Apple comes with a number of other tools for people with disabilities, such as AssistiveTouch. This has been available on iPhone for quite some time, but is now also available for watchOS. This makes it possible to use built-in sensors such as a gyroscope, so that small muscle movements are detected. Users can perform certain actions on their Apple Watch with specific hand gestures, such as their fist. It is then not necessary to touch the screen, which makes it easier to answer calls, for example.

Moreover, there will be special eye tracking for iPad with compatible device MFi device, So that the tablet can be manipulated with eye movements. According to Apple, other companies are also sharing the first compatible devices that will be released later this year. The iPad is controlled by moving the cursor with the eyes and holding the gaze for a short time to click.

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There will also be support for hearing aids, so hands-free calls can be made via iPhone or FaceTime. VoiceOver, the screen reader for the blind, gets new features so that more details in photos can be explored. Through rows and columns, users can display a picture or text as if it were a table. In addition, VoiceOver can also describe the position of the person and objects in the image.

Most of the innovations will be available at some point in the coming months, although SignTime will be available in the US, UK and France starting Thursday.

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