“De Mol”: Bernard donates part of the collection’s pot to the fund that supports Michael and his daughter

“De Mol”: Bernard donates part of the collection’s pot to the fund that supports Michael and his daughter

In the last episode of From mall We learned what missions Senne botched, saw who the spy he was fast tracking was and what hidden tips could have helped us find Senne faster. But we also find out what Bernard intends to do with the money. In addition to a façade for his wife, he also plans to make a nice gift.

Last week we got to see how Bernard performed in the final From mall I got it from Michael. They both spot Signe, but while Bernard completes his test flawlessly, Michael still makes two mistakes. As a result, Bernard received a total of €24,160. This is how this money will be spent.

Metabolic Disease Support Fund

De Mol has clearly created close friendships. For example, Bernard will donate part of his profits to a fund that played an important role during a difficult period in Michael’s life. Michael lost his daughter a few years ago, when she was barely two years old. The story clearly resonated with Bernard, who is also a father of two young children.

“I have a lot of things on my mind, reasonable things and less logical things,” Bernard said about what he would do with the money. “But, Michael, I think we all learned more about you and that you also saw things other than happiness and fun. I thought it would be good to support the fund that also tried to help your daughter and then tried to mentor you. So I will support this fund.” Then we saw a close hug between Bernard and Michael who will likely be lifelong friends.

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This relates to the Metabolic Disease Support Fund of Dr. Ferlo of Ghent University Hospital. The Fund was founded in 2013 by Dr. Patrick Ferlo and provides, among other things, financial support to parents and patients, supports research and tries in various ways to draw attention to metabolic diseases or metabolic diseases. The fund also produced a children’s book Max and metabolites It aims to teach young patients and their friends about this topic in an accessible way.

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