Singer Hans De Puig stops performing due to health problems  RTL Street

Singer Hans De Puig stops performing due to health problems RTL Street

Hans de Puig leaves the theater for health reasons. The Annabelle singer told Telegraaf that he had been unable to perform for a long time due to physical complaints.

De Booij, 65, will perform for the last time in December. “It’s a forced farewell,” he says. “I wanted to keep singing for a while. My career was on the rise again last year, but I came home exhausted at every performance. I did everything to improve my condition, but nothing helped. And the medications I was taking also didn’t work.” “What the doctor prescribed to me, I assume I have had Covid for a long time, but the doctor cannot confirm the cause of my complaints.”

The singer says he is “often inexplicably tired,” which makes singing and performing increasingly difficult. “I fear that soon I will not be able to meet my audience’s expectations. To avoid this, I have now drawn the line myself. After more than forty years on the stage, the curtain will finally come down for me at last.” “December prepared me for a new phase in my life, where I would no longer be performing or recording new material.”

When his music career is over, De Booij won’t be sitting “behind a geranium.” “I can stay at home until next February, then I hope to pack my bags and leave for Malta. My friends grow vegetables there. They have asked me to work in the garden.”

De Booij scored hits in 1983 with Annabelle and This Ben. Singles like Alle Vrouwen and Groene Smart followed.

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