Young people arguing and demanding compensation for psychological damage in Mr.  Frank Visser |  RTL Street

Young people arguing and demanding compensation for psychological damage in Mr. Frank Visser | RTL Street

Tristan is engaged to Mr. Frank Visser. His neighbor Amy had placed a camera behind her window, making him feel like he was being watched. “It’s not a good feeling when you’re constantly being watched,” Tristan tells Victor Brand. This is not the only thing that bothers him. There is a serious argument between Amy and her boyfriend, which causes Tristan to panic. He was traumatized by his parents’ arguments in the past. “I demand compensation of 1,000 euros for the psychological suffering and damage I suffered as a result of these arguments,” he says.

This is all very disturbing, but Amy has news. “We broke up,” she told Victor. “It’s better this way.” This problem seemed to be resolved immediately. But why did she put a camera behind her window? “Because of the disturbance in front of my window. People are giving out weird middle fingers,” she says. “I also have videos of the fireworks. This was outside of New Year’s Eve.” Amy feels harassed by Tristan, because she sometimes calls the police about Tristan’s noise pollution. Amy is also seeking damages. “I demand 500 euros as compensation for the psychological damage I suffered,” she says.

Unpleasant atmosphere in Groningen. The time has come for Mr. Bart Boving, in the absence of Mr. Frank Visser, to judge this case. He came to the conclusion that Tristan had not played loud music for a while and was therefore not responsible for the recent noise pollution. The breakup between Amy and her boyfriend also means that the arguments that upset Tristan are over. Amy must remove the camera and Tristan is no longer allowed to light fireworks in front of Amy’s door, nor is he allowed to cause music disturbances in the future.

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Mr. Bart Boving cannot respect compensation demands. “Being upset with each other is not enough for that, and being hurt by another is also not enough for a presumption of mental injury,” he explains. However, contact between them has been prevented. “After today, you’re just air to each other.”

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