Ralph (16) was shot in the head: he called the wrong house in the United States

Ralph (16) was shot in the head: he called the wrong house in the United States

Ralph’s parents asked him around 10 p.m. last Tuesday to pick up his siblings at an address in 115th Terrace, Kansas City. But the boy accidentally walked across the block and rang the doorbell of a house on 115th Street.

Shot in the head

There he was shot in the head and arm in front of the house. “The man in the house opened the door, looked my cousin in the eye and shot him in the head. My cousin fell to the ground and the man shot him again. Then Ralph was able to get up and go to the neighbour’s house looking for help,” says Ralph’s aunt. “Unfortunately, he had to run to three different houses before someone finally agreed to help him after he was told to lie on the floor with his hands up.”

Ralph was then taken to the hospital, where he is now in stable condition. The police arrested the owner of the house, locked her in the cell for 24 hours, and then released her.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacy Graves told A.J Press Conference It happened because Missouri law requires a suspect to be released after 24 hours or charged. But more research is needed on the latter, so that the man can’t be arrested.

Suppose the roles are reversed

According to well-known human rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing Ralph’s family, the suspect is a white man. Crump was stunned by the man’s release and told CNN this afternoon, “If the tables are turned and a black guy shoots a white 16-year-old just for ringing your door. And then the police will pick up the black man, question him, and release him.” And let him sleep in his bed: how much rage is in America?”

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Crump argues that “it is inevitable that racial dynamics are not seen here”.

Yesterday, demonstrators took to the streets with protest signs like “Ringing the doorbell is not a crime” and chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Justice for Ralph.”

Investigate racist motives

During the press conference, police were asked if the shooter had a racial motive. The police chief replied, “The information we have now does not tell us that, but this is still under investigation. As a police chief, I recognize the racial components of this case.”

A huge sum has already been raised for Ralph by a fundraiser from his aunt. There the counter is now worth more than a million dollars. The money will go, among other things, to help Ralph will need him in the future, both physically and mentally. His aunt writes: “The shock he has to endure and survive is unimaginable.” “Ralph is our miracle. We’ve heard stories like this many times, but unfortunately most black men weren’t alive then.”

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