Herman van Veen receives PUMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award |  music

Herman van Veen receives PUMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award | music

Herman Van Veen will receive the Buma Lifetime Achievement Award Monday during the Puma Awards presentation. According to the jury, Van Veen has had a significant impact on Dutch theater and music culture as a composer, lyricist and performance artist.

According to the jury, the 78-year-old artist “is capable of achieving unprecedented success not only in the Netherlands, but also far beyond national borders thanks to his unique performing talent, sense of language and diversity.” “His music is versatile, ranging from catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms to sensitive and introspective ballads.”

About 2,600 works are registered in the PUMA/Stemra system with which the Hermann van Veen name is associated, says Frank Helmink, cultural director at PUMA.

“In recent decades, Herrmann has become an ambassador for theatre, cabaret and Dutch music culture at home and abroad. In short, you almost shorten his role by winning one award for lifetime achievement,” says Helmink.

The PUMA Awards will be presented on Monday at the Royal Tuchinsky Theater in Amsterdam. It was already announced Thursday that DJ Paul Elstak will be honored with the Golden Harp Award.

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