Disappointment for DIY Sisters in Worthwhile: ‘No Bids Received’ |  Displays

Disappointment for DIY Sisters in Worthwhile: ‘No Bids Received’ | Displays

Big disappointment with Winnie and Saskia in a new episode of Worth the effort Tuesday evening. The two sisters participated in a DIY program in hopes of selling their renovated home at a profit. However, they came home with a cool show when it turned out that no show had been made. “Very stinging.”

Sisters Saskia and Winnie, who live near Amsterdam, can read and write together. So they decide to embark on a new adventure and buy a house in hopes of selling it for a big profit. The two initially search Randstad, but when it becomes clear that the houses there are unaffordable, they move to Apeldoorn.

There, Winnie and Saskia soon come across a very old house and can make changes to it. They don’t turn their hands on it, make an offer and eventually manage to buy the house for €325,000. With a construction budget of €60,000, the ladies hope to transform the abode into a modern residence within four months. the goal? Sell ​​the house for at least €460,000, making a profit of €75,000.

However, the construction budget for Winnie and Saskia is “very little,” according to structural engineer Bob Sikkes. But despite these misgivings, the two set to work in good spirits. They hire a contractor and go out on their own to buy a kitchen, floor and bathroom. Moreover, it is urgent. Winnie and Saskia want to sell the house before summer starts because Winnie is emigrating to Singapore.

I hate to say it, but that’s why we’re here

Bob Sykes

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It is based on the mistakes of beginners

And the sisters do not complete the house in four months, but six months. When Bob enters the house, he is shocked. “Just here, huh,” he points to the living room. ,, All the sockets are at different heights, in different versions, which I can’t handle well myself. Thus, there is a room with a door that does not close and a room where there is not even a single socket. It should be clear: the ending leaves a lot to be desired. , I see it depends on the mistakes of the novice. I hate to say it, but that’s why we’re here.”

Winnie and Saskia eventually decide to put the house up for sale. And because the construction budget has also been increased by an additional 15,000 euros, they hope in any case not to incur any loss in the house. But the broker values ​​the house at 435,000, €25,000 less than what Winnie and Saskia initially went for.

Disappointment grows when Lieutenant-Colonel Tegel Picand receives bad news from the estate agent: no bids have been received. “It’s very annoying. We were hoping the storm would come, but yeah. It’s too late, I think,” Saskia replies to Tegel’s statement. Six months later there’s still no progress, so Teagle and Bob still end the adventure in style with the sisters.

But then, in March of this year, Winnie got an update: The house was finally sold. Was it worth? “Not financially. We even had to compromise on that, and that’s too bad.” The ladies, however, don’t regret their involvement, though they won’t “flip” the house quickly again. “Not for a while,” Winnie concludes.

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Bob Sykes's Worth It.
Bob Sykes’s Worth It. © RTL

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