Kaj Gorgels talks about abortion by Jessie Jazz Vuijk in a podcast

Kaj Gorgels talks about abortion by Jessie Jazz Vuijk in a podcast

At the end of last month, model and influencer Jessie Jazz Vuijk shared the sad news of her miscarriage via Instagram. Her partner, presenter Cage Gurgles, is doing just that today Geuze & Gorgels A book about conquest. “I got even more crazy about it,” he says.

Geuze & Gorgels He podcasts Gorgels and influencer Monica Geuze, and they’re best friends. Since they don’t see each other enough, they use podcasts to delve into the meaning and nonsense of their lives. And successfully: Geuze & Gorgels It was the most listened to Dutch podcast this year, and for the second year in a row.

Cage Gurgles: ‘We were able to give her a place’

In their latest podcast, the friends talk about their next adventure in Mexico, where they’ll be filming Temptation Island: Love it or leave it. The duo jointly runs the show’s show. Geuze asks: “Are you looking forward to it?” Gorgols replies, “Absolutely, always.” “But of course I have a bit of a problem at home.”

The presenter indicates that he does not want to talk about it for a long time, but still goes into more detail about what is going on. “I am actually not very happy that I am now in Holland, because of course I would have preferred to be with Jessie. She is happy about that.” This certainly does not mean that the couple did not grieve. “We got really sick of it for a few days. Luckily, we were able to give it a place. Then it comes to all those clichés: She’s so healthy, there’s no reason to assume she can’t get pregnant or that this will happen often.”

‘Frantic messy time’

Shortly after the miscarriage, Vuijk received another sad news: her father passed away. “It was all very messy. But it works very well given the circumstances. And when I get back from Mexico, I’m back home and I really want to spend some time together. To give all of this a place, because it was a hard, messy time.”

Gurgels says he believes in the future. “It’s very strange, but the moment you know you’re going to be a father or a mother, you actually feel this spirit in your environment. It really feels like it’s getting on another vehicle, so to speak. It’s just that you wait a little longer and come in at another time. No.” I feel that spirit is gone. We have a lot of confidence.”

Gorgels finds pregnancy ‘magical’

The miscarriage brought Gorgels and Vuijk closer together. “Jessie is so strong strong. I just got madder. In any case, it is very pleasant for a man to experience when your wife is pregnant. I really put her on a pedestal as she holds our baby. You want to protect her and the baby at the same time. I hear that from a lot of guys. You go look at your wife and think: Holy shitWhat happens here is magical.” According to Gurgels, there is often the idea that when a woman is pregnant, tension arises. We’ve come so close in that very short time. You just know that you can only do this together.”

Gorgels and Vuijk already have a name for their future offspring. We came to that a long time ago. I really like this name. I have a strong feeling we have a girl. I used to always think of binkie. As a man you always think: do boy things. Soccer, going to hookers together, the standard stuff,” he jokes. “But as a dad, I think it’s pretty special to have a daughter. Little princess, you might want to protect that more.”

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