Dead swan brought to partner for dignified farewell: 'She's really sad'

Dead swan brought to partner for dignified farewell: 'She's really sad'

Zwanengroep Zuid-Holland received several reports about the attack. The injured animal was taken to the vet by animal ambulance, but was put to sleep there. “Because of the injuries, there wasn't much to do,” says Edwin Fosselman, the foundation's president.

Swan continues searching

But according to eyewitnesses, a partner remained at the scene. She was not present during the attack, perhaps because she fled. It was important to her to be able to say goodbye to her partner. “If the partner leaves suddenly, the swan stays where it last saw her,” Fosselman says.

It can cause problems. “They start looking, they get anxious, they can get sick,” explains the Chairman of the Board of Directors. “We therefore recommend returning the dead swan to the partner so he can take some time to say goodbye. Then the swan can start mourning and the search is no longer necessary.”

For sadness

For this reason, the dead swan was returned to its grieving partner by animal ambulance. You are expected to feel anxious about the loss for a while, but things should improve over time. “Swans get really sad: they get depressed, they become a bit withdrawn, and sometimes they can also show aggressive behavior.”

The “advantage” is that spring is just around the corner. “In February and March, the swans again feel like laying eggs,” Fosselman says. This is to find a new “man”. So she continues her life. “It could happen faster during this period.”

To attack

Fosselman knows that the Pelicans being attacked is not unique. “Two weeks ago, I had to get two swans out of a meadow because a dog grabbed them. The back of one swan was completely torn off. You could even see the spine.”

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During last weekend's incident, passers-by were able to catch the owner and the dog on camera. These images were reported to the animal police, who took the matter further. Zwanengroep Zuid-Holland remains committed to the swans, as well as to putting them out of their misery in such situations. “And I report it at all times.”

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