Fitbit users are tired of it: the gadget is unusable for a month after the update

Fitbit users are tired of it: the gadget is unusable for a month after the update

Hundreds of Fitbit fitness tracker users are complaining that the device has become completely unusable after an update in December. Google, which owns Fitbit, has not yet resolved the issue, leaving users in the dark until now.

The Fitbit Charge 5 received an update in December that added all sorts of new functionality and fixed software bugs. Instead, the wearable has become completely unusable for some Fitbit users. The device's battery drained quickly, after which the Charge 5 could no longer power it. Factory reset does not solve the problem either.

Google laid off employees

Hundreds of users are complaining about this problem, but Fitbit has remained silent until now. BBC reports. Google acquired Fitbit in 2019 for more than $2 billion. Google laid off hundreds of Fitbit employees in December. The brand's co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman also left.

Dozens of reports of similar issues with the Fitbit tracker have been received on forums in recent weeks. “I don't understand why hundreds of other people are having the same problem after installing the update, but the Fitbit is completely silent and unresponsive,” a British Fitbit Charge 5 user complained to the BBC.

'Just buy a new one'

The Charge 5 debuted in 2021 and was priced at €180 at the time. Customer service asked some consumers to purchase a new Fitbit device. Google also did not respond to questions directed to the BBC.

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