These new solar panels are the most efficient in the world

These new solar panels are the most efficient in the world

Scientists at Oxford PV, a subsidiary of the English university, have developed the most efficient solar panels on Earth. It can generate 421 force on an area of ​​1.68 square metres.

This translates to 25 percent efficiency. This is the amount of solar energy that can be converted into electricity after it reaches the solar panel. The efficiency of currently available solar panels ranges between 15 and 22 percent.

Scientists were able to achieve high efficiency using perovskite, a material that can be found everywhere on Earth and is therefore cheap. Perovskite is able to convert solar energy into other forms of energy more efficiently than the silicon used in most solar panels.

Room for improvement

According to scientists, there is still room for improvement. in press release They say that perovskite-based solar cells could theoretically achieve efficiencies of up to 43 percent. The theoretical maximum for silicon cells is less than 30 percent. In the press release, the researchers claim to have a “clear roadmap” to develop cells with 30 percent efficiency.


As always when there's news about promising energy technology, take it with a grain of salt. A known problem with perovskite solar cells is that they lose efficiency relatively quickly. They also often contain a fair amount of lead, making them difficult to recycle.

Although scientists are busy working on… Solution You'll have to wait a while before you have 30 percent efficient solar panels on your roof.

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