Google stops selling ads based on browsing history |  Currently

Google stops selling ads based on browsing history | Currently

Google plans to stop selling ads based on someone’s individual browsing history, according to the tech giant’s report on Wednesday Articles.

According to David Timken, Director of Product Management at Google, the future of the internet is at stake if digital advertisers do not take people’s concerns seriously. He points to a study by the Pew Research Center, which shows that 72 percent of people on the internet feel that advertisers, tech companies, and other companies follow them.

Google made earlier a favour Discontinue support for third-party tracking cookies. The company announced in January of last year that it would take two years to completely eliminate tracking cookies.

Tracking cookies allow advertisers to track user interests across different sites. With this information, ads are shown on demand. As a result, users suddenly see ads for washing machines after searching for washing machines.

“Keeping the internet open and accessible for everyone means we all need to do more to protect privacy,” Google wrote in the blog post. “This means an end to not only third-party cookies, but also the technology used to track individuals while they browse the Internet.”

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