Claudia cries over uncertainty on B&B Vol Love: ‘I deserve love’

Claudia cries over uncertainty on B&B Vol Love: ‘I deserve love’

While Anne and Walter have a date, Claudia is left alone to cook. “They’ve been apart so many times. I probably don’t think about it either. Then I just let it all happen.” Claudia also wants a picnic with the owner of the B&B. “I need to be alone with him. That hasn’t happened yet. Ann is often in front of me.”

Anne and Walter are having a great time, but Claudia’s tears are now streaming down her cheeks. “I’ve been in love for 38 years. I’m open and deserving of love. But I find it sexy.” I became very insecure about the situation. “Maybe I’m not asking the right questions and I just want to know how he feels about me.”

Claudia knows that, like Anne, she has to take the plunge and ask Walter on a date. “I really hope he sees me and feels me. And if not, I know. But I find it comforting now. But I keep going.”

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She even doubted whether she should have thrown in the towel, she admitted. “I really thought for a moment: I’m going home. But then I thought: Damn, come on, Claw. You pick this one. You love him, whatever he does. It’s all so weird and it’s no coincidence. So lovely. I’m like: Come on, take Your time. Show who you are.”

Will Claudia manage to make Walter all of herself? You see that every work day B&B with love 8:30pm RTL 4.

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