After Isa Hoes, Quinty Trustfull also shows off her six-pack

After Isa Hoes, Quinty Trustfull also shows off her six-pack

“I’m smiling here…but mainly because I’m done,” Quinte wrote on Instagram with a photo of her trainer. Kickboxing, strength training, high intensity workouts and yoga: Quinte does it all. Of her routine, she says, “I need exercise to feel good, to function better.” beautiful world.

Quinty sports at the Saints & Stars gym in Amsterdam, where you can easily score an autograph from a celebrity. Marieke Elsinga, Donny Roelvink and Iris Enthoven can also be found regularly.

Sport is not only an outlet for Quinty, it also makes her job better. “It really does something for my system,” she shares during the same interview. “On that rug, I don’t have to think about the day’s routine and everything that needs to be done. It works for me.”

Showing off her trained body on Instagram is nothing to brag about, according to the presenter, ‘look at me being muscular’. “I do it to inspire others and I think that works,” Quinte says.

Earlier this week, Issa Hughes did the same thing, but there were a lot of comments on it. For example, you would be “a negative example for women or young people who are already experiencing insecurities.”

“Coincidentally, that’s what he tells me,” she said of the post-turmoil photos in an Instagram post. “But whatever you look like, I don’t care. A healthy body, that’s what I like to promote. Whatever body goes with it. It’s about Issa because she feels comfortable in her own skin. Hopefully she’s getting really old!! And I have to do something about that.” .. But I love to do it!

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