Christelle breaks down in tears in Je Huis Op Orde: “I don't deserve it”

Christelle breaks down in tears in Je Huis Op Orde: “I don't deserve it”

All family belongings are removed from the house from top to bottom. They are then sorted by Victor's team in a large warehouse. It is up to the family to decide which products to keep and which products to throw away, donate or recycle. Christel finds it difficult to say goodbye to her waste. “This comes from my emotions, so I find this difficult,” she says as she sorts through her books.

Christel explains that these books give her peace when she feels attacked by those around her. In addition to being judged by others, Krystle is very critical of herself. “I'm not always good enough and I have too much bullshit,” she tearfully told Victor.

While cleaning, Victor also comes across a lot of artwork made by Krystle. He thinks it's strange that she doesn't have these things hanging in her house. Christel explains that she simply doesn't think her paintings are beautiful enough. Victor doesn't understand it. Krystle then bursts into tears and explains the source of her feelings. “It's also part of education. I wasn't allowed to be arrogant. I wasn't allowed to say I was good at something. I didn't deserve it.” Victor thinks differently and explains to Krystle that she could definitely be there. “You should love yourself a little more, sweetheart.”

When Victor asks her what she hopes to achieve by participating in the program, Krystle says that she mainly wants “peace.” Whether in her home or in her head. She also dreams of a bookcase where books are sorted by color.

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Meanwhile, there is also a lot of work going on at their home. This way the walls get a coat of paint or new wallpaper. Tables and bookcases also get makeup. At the end of the process, it was finally time to surprise the family with a tidy home. When Krystle and her husband go inside, they don't know what they see. “It makes me a bit calm,” laughs Christel. “You can't do that easily.”

Christel also colored her bookcase. “This makes me so happy.” Her artwork now also hangs on the walls in different places of the house.

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