Johan Dirksen on Today Inside: “Noa Valley is boring too!”

Johan Dirksen on Today Inside: “Noa Valley is boring too!”

If they are in Today inside There's one thing he's good at, which is responding to riots. Or even better: create a riot and then respond to the noise. There's been a very particular buzz in recent weeks, because widely popular SBS talent Noa Vahle is said to be boring. I recently participated in I love Holland, presented by her mother. It did not perform well there, according to critics.

Linda interview

And also the interview she conducted with one of her mother's magazines, Linda. meidenHe didn't help her. Oracle media personality Victor Flamm was harsh on her on his podcast From the report. “It's boring, that's what I'm saying. It's boring, that's the problem. It's really boring. Noah Vale is really, really boring. That's the problem.” You would think that Johan Dirksen would defend her, but nothing could be further from the truth. That turned out to be the case tonight Today inside.

Boring as anything

Johan says it's her fault. “I warned her. I said, 'Don't sit everywhere. And in De Oranjewinter she sat again like a teenager among all these old men. This is not a spectacle. And now she is blamed for being boring.' Not unjustified it seems. “There's no way to get in between that. The whole family outside of Johnny is boring. Johnny's a little rock 'n' roll. But the rest of the De Mol family smells like Brussels sprouts. They're as boring as anything else.” “.

Away from family

This is not the first time Johan has said that Noah should go her own way. “Not in her mother's magazine, not on her mother's show. She sits everywhere. No, it's not good for her career.” Friend Meryl Ek, who was at the bar tonight, doesn't get along with Johan at all. “Wouldn't it be nice for her to sit there?” (In Orange Winter, ed.) Johan: “Yes, but she doesn't add anything to that. And then she just sits there. And then the outside world thinks she's there because she's part of the De Mol family.”

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