Chateau Meiland viewers are horrified by Bommel stuffed in Code Rosé

Chateau Meiland viewers are horrified by Bommel stuffed in Code Rosé

In 2021, the Milland family will announce their desire to groom their deceased dog. At the Chateau Meyland season that year, Baumel’s fitted body could already be seen. He gets a place in the bedroom. And Rosie’s code has a prominent place in the reception.

“He really belongs here, yeah,” says Erica, once the deceased Pommel enters Rosie’s code. “I’ll put a ‘please don’t touch her’ card with her.”

Erica doesn’t have to worry that many guests want to pet Bommel. On X, the former Twitter site, viewers are expressing their disgust. “Put a dead dog in the front desk? Then that was done for me, you know, pens one viewer. ‘You’d be horrified to have that stuffed jerk in your room,'” agrees. Another: “That stuffed dog is something special.” Just find this creepy, disgusting and above all inappropriate.

In the episode, the Meilandjes receive their first guests at Code Rosé. Friends and family love the guesthouse a la Bed and breakfast review. This is also necessary, because Erica and Martian still dropped some stitches. Forgot to arrange breakfast, no egg cups, no salt for everyone… Before welcoming their first guests, Martin also hears that there is a wasp nest in their guest house.

Hence the fumbling at the entrance, where the access code with which visitors can open the door themselves was clearly not successful. “I’m so sick of this family,” Martin sighs when his brother Jaap is unable to open the door. Martin and Erica refuse to open the door for themselves. “No, I will not open the door at all, and then they will go home.” And: “Find it out, we’ll do it until they get it.” Enter the maxim: “PUSHONE!”

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There are also positive reviews among viewers. “They have style,” she says in response to comments like, “What a mess.”

Chateau Milland It can be seen every Monday at 8.30pm on SBS6 and you can Look back here.

In the next episode preview, you can see that Erica and Martian heard the disappointing news about their permit. RTL Boulevard reporter Aran Bade was there when this news reached Meilandjes:

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