Enjoy the good life in Burgundian Beilen

Enjoy the good life in Burgundian Beilen

“The Burgundy project went very well and we are looking back on a very nice weekend,” says Sandra Syed, secretary of the Beleef Beilen Organiser. Thousands of people enjoyed the good life behind the town hall and Pala’s Restaurant was awarded the Golden Guard for best dish.

Twelve catering companies allow the public to sample the delicacies. This year’s Burgundian Belén was completely in the air of the United States. The event opened on Friday at 4pm and that day was devoted entirely to “Street Food from the USA”. Sandra Syed: There were about 4,000 people there on Friday. We had one bathroom, but that didn’t make people go home. They can hide under large umbrellas. It kept being fun all evening, also thanks to the Hillbilly Moonshiners.

Golden Guard

On Friday evening, the jury traditionally determines which catering company prepared the best dish, which is then awarded the Golden Guard. This year, Pala’s took home the honor. Sanda Syed: Pala’s had a Tennessee theme and had a nice attitude. The owner even dressed up as Elvis. The jury also praised the originality of the dish: hot smoked chicken with corn and pickles. According to the jury, this one deserves a spot on the restaurant’s menu.

Families and youth

The site was open on Saturdays from six o’clock in the evening, and the party continued until midnight. ,,Tiktok Tammo created a good atmosphere that families especially enjoyed. In the evening, Die Verrückte Stunde performed from 8 p.m. The atmosphere started a bit late because the show was liked by the young people who came around 9:30. They would like to celebrate for a longer period, but this is not possible due to the permit. It was a very interesting day with approximately two to three thousand visitors.

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Formula 1

Yesterday, visitors were welcomed into the arena from 2pm, and Formula 1 in Zandvoort could be watched on the big screen from 3pm. DJ Michel Angelo provided the pre- and post-race entertainment, but was also able to entertain the crowd during the race as the race was temporarily halted due to rain. “Yesterday we were unlucky with the weather, but still about 150 people had a good time.”

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