Full House viewers lack spontaneity: ‘Familiar with the cameras’

Full House viewers lack spontaneity: ‘Familiar with the cameras’

In last night’s episode, we see, among other things, how a big spring cleaning is being done at the Kodogum family in Amsterdam. Their urban balcony is being prepared for the approaching beautiful weather. In addition, the Nagelkerke bakery family is back in Brabant. Their children have now reached puberty and their eldest daughter, Meryl, has moved to America to study there.

We also see for the first time how things are with the Blom family from Bodengraven. They are there early on Saturday morning, because there is football to be played. Their morning routine isn’t going very smoothly, because he’s tried to get several kids to play soccer on time, if not everyone cooperates. In short: Enough old enough scenes from Een Huis Vol, but it still doesn’t really appeal to viewers, judging by the reactions on Twitter.

“I miss Buddenbruckjes and Jelies, I don’t like them very much,” one replies. Another praises the mother of the Buddenbruckjes, who “really took care of the cameras.” Many viewers seem to agree: They miss “real life.” “These families have played their roles well,” says one.

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