S10 will give a concert at AFAS Live in November |  right Now

S10 will give a concert at AFAS Live in November | right Now

The S10, which took 11th place in the Eurovision Song Contest, announced new plans today: on November 25 it will hold a concert at AFAS Live in Amsterdam.

“Participating in the Eurovision Song Contest has been a dream come true. It is a really great adventure. I am still enjoying it and can now look forward to the next stage: performing at AFAS Live on November 25th. I am very much looking forward to it, it has come true.” PatientS10 says.

S10, born Stien den Hollander, has two albums and several EPs to her name. depth It became her biggest success to date. The Eurovision entry has now been listened to over 17 million times on Spotify. Issuance Breathe inside you With rapper Kevin and Frena she has more than 19 million.

After the Eurovision Song Contest ended, the number of monthly listeners for the S10 on Spotify rose to over two million. Before she made her Eurovision entry in March, about 650,000 different people listened to her songs on Spotify. Since the announcement, the number of listeners has risen to about 1.5 million in mid-April.

AFAS Live concert ticket sales will begin on Friday, May 20th.

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