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Ghost Story Games has announced its first game, Judas. FPS will appear for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles, and PC. The studio was founded by Ken Levine, the creator of the BioShock games. Ghost Story has reportedly been working on Judas since 2014.

Judas is a single-player FPS where players must escape from a falling spaceship. Players take on the role of Judas, “a mysterious and troubled person”. To escape the starship, Judah must team up with her worst enemies or break existing partnerships.

in the trailer Many characters and enemies pass through. Judas can use weapons such as a crossbow, a pistol, or a hammer to defeat enemies, but she also has a kind of energy ball in her left hand with which she can shoot fire, among other things, to kill enemies.

When the game should appear is not clear. The game comes on Windows on both the Epic Games Store and Steam. Ken Levine is the responsible studio founder and creator of the game as well. Levine was also the creator of the BioShock games and was involved as Creative Director in the development of BioShock, BioShock Infinite, and System Shock 2.

in 2014 Levin paused With the studio behind those games started what is now called Ghost Story Games, under the banner of publisher Take-Two. He wanted to work on a new game with this smaller team. in january Former and current employees said That the development of that game Development hell And that the project was completely canceled and started several times. Presumably it was about Judas.

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