Harvest Moon: One World Review - A Long History

Harvest Moon: One World Review – A Long History

In summing up

One World is better than Harvest Moon Games that publisher Natsume has released in recent years. Especially Expando-Farm, the farm that you can pack and put elsewhere, is a fun concept that ensures you take advantage of the large game world that has been created for the game. However, the game repeats after you clear two of the five areas. Moreover, the process is not perfect, the menu is not helpful and the dialogues are boring. One World is a small step forward, but the step is not big enough.

Harvest Moon has a long run and it’s not completely smooth running Date. The series has been around since 1996, but Harvest Moon has been owned by publisher Natsume since 2014, which hasn’t done well for the series’ reputation. The five games released since then were a bit boring and seemed very cheap. Natsume tries to change that with Harvest Moon: One World, Which was released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and will be released for Xbox One. We played the Switch version.

With One World, Natsum finally broke the tradition a little and tried to give the series a new push. For starters, there is more story in the game. This story isn’t very complicated, but it works well. It is about the gods of the harvest. He has mysteriously disappeared and with him has gone knowledge about most of the crops. So the game world is not in good shape. Humans and animals have little food and especially little variety in their food.

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Red deity Harvest Goddess

Fortunately, you can help. In typical Japanese style, you are a young adventurer (y / y) who can save the world. You have a little magical ability: Only you can see Wisps, the floating little things left by Harvest Goddess. The goddess transferred knowledge of many different crops to these tufts. Each lock holds one seed and since you are the only one who can see the creatures, you are the only one who can get the seeds.

This way you collect the seeds, which you can then grow on your farm. Because this part of the game remains of course: You have to start a farm in Harvest Moon and you have to keep running. You have a house with a bed where you can rest at night from work, and a livestock barn. Plus, you have a field that is divided into arranged little squares, each of which is valid for a single crop. If you planted a seed in it that you received from Wisp, then the crop in question will grow there. Before you can plant it, you need to shovel the square first and after you plant it, you need to water it. for several days. how many days? It depends on the yield. Once the crop is ripe, you can pick it.

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