Apple discontinued the HomePod speaker – picture and sound – news

Homepod and Homepod Mini are not for sale with Apple Netherlands or Apple dealers. Only by import.

The Homepod is never placed against a Sonos or a Bose. You connect Sonos, Bose, or other branded speakers to your TV, and this option is not available on Homepods. The Home Capsule does not support the popular codecs used for broadcast and / or DVD services. You can make stereo sound with it, but it’s not a surround system.

Homepod can also only be controlled via Airplay over WiFi. There is no bluetooth on the Homepod (but on the Homepod mini).

I think Spotify connect is Sonos’ coolest job. The stream was not forwarded but was hijacked. Homepod did not support this function either.

It remains a good speaker in a limited number of uses.

The Homepod mini has a U1 chip (just like iPhone 11 and 12). Apple wants to use this for its home automation options. U1 is missing from Homepod. If you’re wandering around with an iPhone in your pocket or hand, the Homepod mini can take all kinds of actions from lights to music wherever you are in your home at that moment. Can you get a reminder that you must leave now or you will be late for work or appointment. You can actually determine the path to your car by running the car over the lane so that you no longer have to search for it in your navigation system. Everything is fine, but as Apple always does at first by only opening its own services and then only by competitor services.

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