Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22, 2023 for PlayStation 5 – Games – News

Final Fantasy XVI will be available for PlayStation 5 on June 22nd of next year. Sony has negotiated an exclusivity agreement that means the game will only be released for other platforms after December 31st of that year. Square Enix also talked about the PC version earlier.

The action role-playing game revolves around Clive Rosfield, who is tasked with protecting his younger brother, Joshua. Outside new trailer It turns out he couldn’t. In the game, Rosfield wants revenge on Ifrit, a “mysterious creature”. he is She can transform into an Eikon in the process; These are great mythical creatures. Other Eikons can also be found in the game, so sometimes you have to fight against other Eikons as an Eikon.

The game will have a story mode for players who mainly want to follow the story and are less interested in the action elements of the game. In this mode, Rosfield avoids “some” fights and his combo moves can be summoned with a single button. Through the story, Rosfield gets to know several other characters and companions, such as the dog, who can help him during battles.

Sony had previously announced The game will remain a PlayStation 5 exclusive for six months. The trailer shows that the game will not be released for other platforms until December 31, 2023. Then A PC version will follow. Previous Final Fantasy games have also appeared for other consoles such as the Xbox; Nothing is said about this in Final Fantasy XVI.

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