Angela de Jong to join Today Inside tonight: 'I want to express criticism'

Angela de Jong to join Today Inside tonight: ‘I want to express criticism’

Johann Dirksen gets shot after him Today inside He initially stated that fifty years ago he “put” a candle on an unconscious woman. Yesterday the fame of television returned to this: he was going to put the candle between his legs and nothing. According to Angela de Jong, this statement is not believable. “We were all misunderstood,” she says lightly on the talk show in 1

What bothers Angela the most is laughing at the table after Johan’s unveiling. After all that happened around her Holland sound She thinks she can’t. “I find it really disgusting to laugh at these women who finally have the courage to step forward,” says the opinion singer.

Despite her criticism, she was Today inside Announced as guest for the day. at in 1 She told her she was just leaving, even though her husband advised her not to. “He said, ‘Don’t go, you’re crazy. You shouldn’t just sit there and legitimize it.'” ‘ But Angela stands her ground. “If you are brave enough here to criticize them, I am nonetheless good morning netherlands To criticize them, I have to sit there and say the criticism is in their face.”

She does not think it is necessary to get the program out of the tube. “I think it’s good that there is still a program in the Netherlands where a different voice can be heard. Where it does not wake up. Where politically incorrect things are said. Some people sympathize with it.” She assures that not everything is allowed on the popular TV show. “What happened there last night was really impossible.”

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