A grateful guest gives the waitress a $10,000 tip, but then the trouble begins for her  outside

A grateful guest gives the waitress a $10,000 tip, but then the trouble begins for her outside

It's (secretly) everyone's dream: to one day get a big, fat tip that you can use to buy—say—a nice car. For an American waitress, this dream became a reality earlier this month, after a guest left an envelope in the restaurant containing $10,000. traditional I feel good-A story with only winners, you might say, even took an unpleasant turn.

The story revolves around Lynsey Huff, a young divorced mother who works as a waitress in a café in the town of Benton Harbor (Michigan). On Monday, February 5 — her work week has just begun — she ministers to a middle-aged man who has just returned from a funeral and could use some distraction. He says he is very sad and wants to do something special in memory of his deceased friend. He comes up with the idea of ​​giving Lynsey a tip of at least $10,000 (about 9,249 euros). She can't keep this money herself, but must divide it among her colleagues, the man says, according to various local media.

Completely confused, Lynsey returned to the kitchen and shared the happy news with the other waitresses. They divide the money among themselves and each is left with about $1,200. One of Hof's colleagues later told the local TV news station WNDU Everyone on the wait staff “is going through something else in their life, so this amount helps all of us a lot.”

“I don't want trouble”

The state of euphoria and joy that prevails in the café changes completely after a few days. The kitchen staff hears about this issue and feels left out. Angrily, they asked Lynsey why they weren't considered. She indicates that she will discuss the matter with her managers. The British newspaper wrote that this conversation comes back like a rebound in Lynsey's face: the managers are not looking for negativity after this nice story, and they demand the names of the objectors. Watchman According to Lynsey's attorney.

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Lynsey refuses to give names “because she doesn't want to create a bigger problem.” She hopes to get support to remove resentment among her colleagues. Her lawyer says the managers' response was relentless and they immediately fired Lynsey for refusing to work. The waitress writes her grief on social media. “For one week, I became a great, hard-working employee. Now I'm out of work for the first time since I was 15.

“Good luck, I'm a waitress.”

In a statement on Facebook, the owners of the Mason Jar Café denied that the tip issue played a role in the dismissal incident. “This was a decision we did not make hastily or lightly,” she added. No specific reason for the dismissal was given. “We really care about our employees,” he continues. “We are doing our best not to lose any employees.” According to management, the Mason Jar team will be very close and will consist of the same people for years.

Lynsey stated that there was no truth to her former employer's story. In fact, she felt compelled to hire a lawyer because her managers threatened to file a civil suit if she didn't stop discussing her firing on social media, her lawyer says. Watchman. “They told her they were going to sue her and ask for money. She laughed and said, 'Well, good luck, I'm a waitress. There's no real estate here or anything.'

According to the lawyer, the matter should not have reached this point. “Because of her generosity and sharing this advice — at the request of the person who was so generous — she lost her job.” The Mason Jar Cafe did not comment on the matter. “We cannot comment on the nature of her job loss due to employment law and to protect the employees involved,” the statement read.

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