André Hazes says goodbye to his son  stars

André Hazes says goodbye to his son stars

Andre seems to have a successor to this Little boy, The song that his father wrote to his eldest son Melvin at the time. Just like in his father’s tormentor, André Jr. To his son: “Young great friend, from now on you will see me lower. I’m sorry you didn’t deserve this.”

With this André refers to the estrangement with his ex-fiancée Monique Westenberg, with whom he has four-year-old André jr. The singer recently left his family for a new love. After a short relationship with Bridget Masland, André found the happiness of love this time with influencer Sarah Van Solen.

good bye

“Be nice to mama, give her another kiss. There’s nothing she can do about it. She gave her all. She really did my best, but sometimes wanting isn’t enough,” he sings.

In the song he wrote with John Ebank – responsible for Marco Borsato’s great songs – Andre says “goodbye” to his son. “Later when you grow up and talk, I hope you never leave me. (…) I hope you see one day why I went. What did I do. … I saw our lives together really differently. You. So I am leaving now because I love you. “

Almost immediately after the song was posted online, the first “reviews” of fans began pouring in on social media. And almost everyone agrees: It’s a tear-off jumping game. His famous friends also let Andre know what they think of the song. “So cute, my friend!” , Writes former football player Wesley Schneider. Singer Rolf Sanchez: “Awesome, man.”

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