MI6 is looking for a real "Q": "You don't have to talk to anyone about it."  Action

MI6 is looking for a real “Q”: “You don’t have to talk to anyone about it.” Action

Richard Moore, Head of MI6, shared the job vacancy via Twitter today. Last weekend he mentioned the job during an interview with Radio Times. MI6 is looking for a new GM for its technology division, who named Q a few years ago after the James Bond movies. The “new Q” will be responsible for the technical teams within the service.

“We live in an increasingly complex world where technology makes our work more difficult,” he says. That is why we have to use and exploit technology. This is only possible through good leadership, by someone who can also help us work well with the private sector. ”The service should help MI6 become a leader in digital innovation, in order to stay ahead of others and keep an eye on the enemies of the British.

Moore also hopes the measure will make the intelligence service more visible to the general public. However, the freedom to act in the new position is of paramount importance. “The final candidate will not receive public recognition … You should not discuss this request with anyone except your partner or close to you.”

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