Harm Edens comes with a book about youth and the UK

Harm Edens comes with a book about youth and the UK

The popular host of “Tien voor Taal” and “This was the news” Harm Edens (59) has written a book. The novel, Completely Abnormal Behavior, will be published in mid-June. Edens said this on Wednesday on “Volgspot”.

“The universe told me to sort through the thoughts I had on this topic.”

In the novel, Edense tells his story of “growing up in a place that doesn’t feel like home.” The TV writer and director grew up in a family with Groningen roots in the 1960s, where he often felt he did not belong to it. He laughed at things no one saw and said things that no one understood. This changed when he got to know the United Kingdom.

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In the book, 59-year-old Edens tries to figure out why he feels so comfortable in the British Isles based on twenty private encounters. “When the Coronavirus began and I was afraid that everything would stop, I had to do something useful,” Edense explained in Volgspot. “My father passed away a year ago. The universe told me to map out the thoughts I had about this.”

Edens started last week as a new provider of the Tien voor Taal language test. In August, he will also present a new series on the satirical show Dit was het news.

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