A golden ring gets a one-meter-high monument in The Hague

A golden ring gets a one-meter-high monument in The Hague


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The golden earring will receive a meter-high monument in the form of an obelisk in The Hague. Various elements from the history of rock music appear on the column. Hague artist Hans van Bentem has received permission to work with this idea.

They did not like the image of the band members, according to Van Bentem. “They don’t necessarily want that,” he says. broadcast west.

Instead, Van Bentem chose a tribute to the band’s work from The Hague. Because the obelisk has the function of a memorial and homage, the artist decided to take this form as a starting point. The needle comes on a stone base – as a reference to the English word Stone, Which refers to the rock music of the golden earring.

antenna in the sky

The artist wants to incorporate elements related to the ensemble on and within the column. Van Bentem doesn’t yet know what these things should look like.

The artist thinks of three-dimensional machines, an antenna pointing to the sky as a reference to hit the world love radar, portions of videos and/or Barry Hay sunglasses. A place can also be allocated for the standard cover and lyrics from the songs.

crowdfunding campaign

Through a crowdfunding campaign and the support of sponsors, the initiators, including the RockArt Museum, hope to raise enough funds for the memorial. They are still in talks with the municipality of The Hague about a venue.

Golden Earring is the most successful Dutch rock band of all time. The fact that the band even gained a foothold in America in the 1970s was a major feat that captured the imagination.

injury love radar From 1973 it remained one of the most played recordings on American radio stations for decades. The song has also been high in the Top 2000 for years.

The band was discontinued last year due to the illness of guitarist/singer George Koymans. He suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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