Linda de Mol did not rely on much criticism for the cover of De Jonge

Linda de Mol did not rely on much criticism for the cover of De Jonge

“Yes, we had the number What a year He invited people who contoured their faces in 2021 and who experienced something special. Among others, Andre van Doyen, Raven van Dorst, Rob Kempes, Hugo de Jong, Cagsa Olungren, and Edsilia Rumpley start Linda. Quickly. But that applies to more things right now, we just have to learn to live with that.”

According to Linda, Hugo de Jonge was overtaken by half the Netherlands because of the cover, and that’s just part of it. Although she then talked to him about all the fuss. “We expected a bit of a fanfare, but it’s going to be very intense,” she says.

“I thought well with some journalists…especially because we explained fairly quickly: This cover was shot at a time when drastic measures weren’t there, he and O’Longren weren’t happily standing all day long in glamorous clothes, but hardly an hour in. As he said The same two: we’re talking to De Volkskrant, Neusor as well as with Linda.. “

Linda also responds in the guide to disappointing viewership numbers for Linda Winter and . What is its importance to her anyway? “I was worried a lot and really felt hurt,” she says. “If I’m honest, the comments now affect me less than before.”

This is also because social media is making everyone a critic these days. “I still appreciate it when viewers tell me they liked or like something. And watching the numbers? Of course I think they matter. It would be strange if they were no longer interested in me. With linda winter and I had to compete against Max Verstappen and guns like Expedition Robinson in a Bandleader artist. Sunday night is tough, but I think it’s a nice tradition to stay in that place.”

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