`` A big redesign of Android 12, these are all changes ''

“ A big redesign of Android 12, these are all changes ”

Google recently launched a major design change for Android in 2015, called Material Design. Over the years, Google has fine-tuned the design language, including the rounded corners and the “physical appearance”. Google I / O 2021 should be the starting point for a whole new trend with Android 12, according to rumors.

Redesigned Android 12

Android 5.0 Lollipop brought us the material design language, which Android developers use to this day. Rumor-maker Jon Prosser – who made the debut for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro published – He says Android 12 represents the “biggest development” in the Android design language since the introduction of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Prosser bases its statement on an introductory video for Android 12; The video is supposed to be from Google and will be shown during I / O 2021.

Go through all the new design elements for Android 12, Image: Jon Prosser

Prosser Opens his video With a slide believed to be from the opening presentation of the I / O 2021 developer conference. The first presentation slide by Prosser in his video summarizes all the new elements in Android 12. A slide titled “What’s New?” It states that Android 12 offers a “great new experience,” “provides better privacy and security,” and “makes all of your devices work better together.” Prosser shows examples of “the good and new experience” in its video, but details about the last two elements are missing.

The next presentation slide in the FPT Commons video shows a revamped design very similar to the previous one. (Via XDA) Leaked design for Android 12. On the left we see a new menu to control the media files being played. Just below that, the slide shows the new notification panel buttons. We also see a new button to enable battery saving on the slide, with a new clock widget below and a new notification to disable alarms. Finally, we see the new design – circular – of the notifications on the slide.

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Android 12 Introduction Video

In addition to the presentation slides for I / O 2021, Prosser shows the first look at the presentation video for Android 12. In the video, we see, among other things, a huge clock on the lock screen, and how Google changes the display of notifications in Android 12 in the form of CDs With the watch and simply displays a number corresponding to the number of notifications received. Google will continue to work on a major change to the Calculator app, as well as Google’s internal keyboard: Gboard.

What all the renders show is that Android 12 should be more rounded, and in addition, the video seems to indicate more customization options from Android. Several UI elements in Android 12 also seem to adapt based on the selected background; It is not yet known if it will be possible for the user to manually adjust the colors.

`` A big redesign of Android 12, these are all changes ''

Android 12 should be a hotter and, above all, a rounder image: Jon Prosser

Thankfully, Google won’t let us wait long for an answer to this question. I / O 2021 is nearing and will start on May 18th. Google is expected to release the Android 12 Beta update for Pixel devices during the conference. This could also mean that we can start with the revamped interface. What do you think of the new look of Android 12? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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