Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes in 42mm and 46mm formats

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes in 42mm and 46mm formats

Samsung’s autumn range of smartphones and watches has begun to take shape, according to recent rumors about the South Korean manufacturer. In the smartwatch sector, the company wants to launch Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4. This time more details have been leaked about the format and software that will be run on the watches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 en Watch Active 4

Samsung released its Galaxy Watch 3 in 2020, more than two years after the launch of the first Galaxy Watch. With the revamp of the Galaxy Watch, the manufacturer wants to attract regular users who feel less attracted to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. However, there does not seem to be a long life for the Galaxy Watch 3 – the smartwatch will be replaced by the Galaxy Watch 3 this year, according to rumors, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4.

Wear OS as an operating system

The two smartwatch models are slated to launch in August, with the unveiling of the Galaxy Watch alongside the new Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy S21 FE, he suggests. MT Korean In a report. The MT report also reinforces previous rumors about Wear OS’s access to Samsung wearables. Samsung will take this step because Tizen has “reached the limit of expanding available content, such as the app ecosystem.”

Google and Samsung will benefit from the Galaxy Watch’s access to Wear OS. For Google, this could mean, among other things, that the app system will expand faster. There will also be more interest in Wear OS, so that other manufacturers can start using Wear OS for their smartwatches. Finally, it is possible that the manufacturer Google can help maintain and improve Wear OS so that it becomes a more stable platform.

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Three different sizes

Previous rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 confirmed that the watch will be available in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. According to MT report, these dimensions are incorrect and the Galaxy Watch 4 only appears in 42mm and 46mm variants. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 4 also comes in two variants, with 40mm and 42mm models. This makes the Galaxy Watch 4 slightly larger than its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 3, while the largest model in the Galaxy Watch Active 4 series – the 42mm variant – is slightly smaller than the 44mm variant of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 series.

In addition to the rumors about the dimensions and arrival of Wear OS, it has become known that Samsung will not supply the Galaxy Watch 4 series with glycemic measurements. The reason why the feature was canceled during the development phase is unknown. Samsung might not be happy yet with how the benchmarking works on its watches. At the same time, it can be associated with the strict rules in place for equipment that performs such measurements.

Wear OS in Google I / O 2021

The reason Samsung is returning to Wear OS seven years after leaving Android Wear for Tizen is unknown. At the upcoming I / O developer conference, Google may announce big changes to Wear OS – important changes for Samsung to move to the OS. Are you looking forward to the Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch Active 4? Be sure to tell us in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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