Young Bae confronts the couple without looking at the facts by Alex: “He’s a big dreamer” |  Displays

Young Bae confronts the couple without looking at the facts by Alex: “He’s a big dreamer” | Displays

real estate agent alex monday night on a new episode of Buy without lookingn bought a home pearl. At least that’s what the new owners of the brand, Carissa and Emmanuelle, think. Because where the two could not agree on their future home at first, this dwelling seemed to fulfill their desires. “This is really cool.”

Charissa (26) and Emanuel (33) have been looking for a new home for a year, but without results. According to the couple, this is due to their limited budget, but also because of their different requirements. “I’m totally right-wing and she’s totally left-wing and these clashes a little bit,” Emmanuel explains. According to Charissa, the story is a little different. She describes her boyfriend as a “great dreamer”. “I think he thought we could buy a house for a million.”

The couple will have to make do with less than €590,000. With a budget of €410,000, they pinned their hopes on broker Alex van Keulen. Instructed to find a nice single-family home, with a garden, an open kitchen, a ‘great living room’, and at least three bedrooms. search area? Vlaardingen, Maslos and some neighborhoods in Schiedam or Rotterdam.

Alex begins the search on a positive note, but soon concludes that finding a house in Maaselweis or Vlaardingen is impossible. Meanwhile, the franchise hour has also ended. It only means one thing: Carissa and Emmanuel will have to compromise anyway. To make it clear that their demands are unrealistic, Alex takes the couple on a road trip. “Just to show you what is and isn’t possible,” says Alex. The search for the house turned out to be a real eye-opener for Charissa and Emanuel, who then decided to expand the search area. “I was just hit. I’m still in shock,” Emmanuel sighs.

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Charissa and Emanuel in Buy without looking. © RTL


It turns out that expanding the search area is the point of the bull. Alex finds a house in Rotterdam, although he has doubts about the school in front of the house. Will Carissa and Emmanuelle be happy about that? Alex’s fears prove unfounded, because when the lovebirds take off their blindfolds and see their new home, big smiles appear on their faces. The two are more than satisfied with the interior. “I’m really happy,” Carissa rejoices.

After the viewing, the home will be taken care of by architect Bob Sykes. He still has a budget of €45,000 for renovation. And so he opted for a new bathroom and kitchen, there will be a herringbone floor in the living room, the staircase will get a major makeover and Carissa’s big wish will come true: a bathroom to relax in. “I find it unrecognizable,” says a satisfied Bob after the renovation.

On the big day, the couple decides to take it all in, but once inside, they can’t help but say “awesome,” “beautiful,” and “Oh, my Godfetch. “It’s absolutely perfect,” he says. Can a “For Sale” sign be posted in the park? No, absolutely not. no chance ” Emmanuel concludes.

Carissa and Emmanuelle's new home.
Carissa and Emmanuelle’s new home. © RTL

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