Rose Bertram: My juice channels are disrupting my mental health

Although her life on Instagram looks glamorous, according to Rose, in practice it’s not that bad. At home she is “only” the mother of two daughters who take care of them every day. If she has to go abroad for a few days, she gets help from a nanny.

Juice Channels paints a very different picture of Rose. For example, you will be one of the party animals whose children are primarily raised by nannies. An image that, according to her, is completely wrong. “I think in the end I’m more at home than someone who has Nine to five jobs. “

Even though she says she has “thick skin,” all the gossip doesn’t leave her untouched. “It still hurts. If I go out for a night out and someone films me dancing, a whole story revolves around it.”

This gossip affects not only her, but also the people around her. Her ex-boyfriend, her children, and her family especially suffer from the messages. For Rose, it’s important to speak out against the juicy channels in the media. “Because it’s ridiculous and because it interferes with my mental health. I lie awake wondering what the hell people think when they see things like this.”

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