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Hopefully you realize that port 80 is used for more than just HTTP traffic? Because this is a port that is generally not blocked in a firewall. As there is more and more HTTPS traffic going through port 443 “reset” it is less busy on port 80. And you don’t really want to shut this down either, because there is still some “stale” traffic.

But updating in Notepad++, on the other hand, is easy to disable, as mentioned earlier.

Ports 8008 and 8080 are often open (these are alternative official HTTP ports, as defined by IANA). Most Windows Firewalls take this into account and allow traffic through these ports. Easy enough to lock it up and add extra security. My experience with Linux firewalls varies, there you should clearly indicate which ports you want to open, because everything is closed by default. Difference in philosophy, that is the only difference.

A quick update is not a bad strategy in and of itself. wsoede update is not the term I would use. However, for a program like Notepad++, it’s not so bad if you’re behind 1 or 2 update. Especially if it’s updates that contain changes to problems that don’t bother you on your PC.

The same goes for drivers. It is good if you are and stay informed. But on the other hand, things don’t go very quickly if you’re behind on one or two updates.

On the Tweakers website there is a “Meuk Tracker” a lot of apps and drivers are monitored and you are notified of changes in new versions of both. And this is easy, because you immediately see if it is only the changes or whether there are also security fixes. Security fixes must remain up to date at all times.

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