ARCore on Android can start using the second camera for in-depth info – tablets and phones – news

ARCore on Android can now combine information from multiple cameras to create a better depth map. This was not possible until now. The first phones that can do that are the 2019 Pixel 4 and 4XL.

Support for the use of the second camera for ARCore will be released on the Pixel 4 phone in the coming weeks. It appears on the support page, The Android Police. to Pixel 5 And 4a 5G as of 2020 will not get the job yet, despite the fact that they also have two cameras on the back. This is probably because the Pixel 4 is a telephoto lens and newer models are a wide-angle lens camera.

ARCore works on multiple Android smartphones with multiple cameras. It is not known if and when support for collecting more depth data will be available. Google hasn’t said anything about that yet. ARCore has worked with information from a single camera so far.

Google has it too Practice Drop Declared; Every few months, Pixel phones receive an update with new features. Next week, Pixel phone owners will be able to measure their heart rate by placing their finger on the camera, something that third-party apps have been able to do for years. Full sentences are also accepted as a smart suggestion on Gboard being updated, but this only works in English.

Google Pixel 4 en 4XL
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