What exactly is this game?

Check out the full presentation of the Road Trip of the Redfall in London here for more information and typical travel fun.

Quoting publisher Bethesda’s website: ‘Redfall is a co-op open-world FPS from Arkane Austin, the award-winning team behind Prey and Dishonored. The hallmarks of Arkane’s carefully crafted worlds and immersive Sims are reflected in this game.” It stimulates the mind, isn’t it? Arkane is highly regarded by Gamekings. Deathloop, Prey and Dishonored are all three games we enjoyed playing. Great stories, great action and always a face to face Quite unique. In fact, I was surprised every time with their games. How about Redfall? A game we didn’t really know what to expect. Huey and Koos went to London to play the game for over an hour and a half. Koos (Huey was on holiday afterwards) tells of his experiences ( Play) in the studio This is a preview of Redfall.

What should you actually be doing in Redfall?

In this video, Koos explains how I love the game. Because before that the exact approach was still a bit fuzzy to him. Yes, there have been a lot of game trailers on YouTube. But it was not really clear whether this was, say, a Left 4 Dead clone or a game with its own face. Arkane had previously shown with Deathloop that it was a quirky, innovative studio. So the innovative thing was quite obvious. How did you play the game, and what is it most like? You can see and hear the answer to these questions in this question Redfall preview.

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Has Arkane made something “different” again?

An hour and a half, of course, is not enough to know if the match will be good. But you get a pretty good idea of ​​the direction the game is going. How does the gameplay work? What should you do? Is what you do really fun? You can see and hear the answer in our Redfall preview.

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