Where’s Zeppelin, Loki, Bobby?  Hundreds of animals were lost in the Hawaii fire

Where’s Zeppelin, Loki, Bobby? Hundreds of animals were lost in the Hawaii fire

Lost Chulis, a brown white cat. His owner was carrying the animal in his arms when he fled a raging fire on the Hawaiian island of Maui last week, but the animal panicked, managed to free itself and ran away. “We didn’t have time to run after her,” Choli’s boss wrote on Facebook. Lost and found animals from the Maui fires.

Cat Lulu is also missing, her boss writes. “I’m desperate. I jumped out of the car just as we were about to get away from the fire.”

And Poppy the dog could not be taken in time either, her owner was not home during the fire which has killed 93 people so far and forced many more to flee.

The page was created especially after the wildfires that devastated the island. Nearly 200 missing animal photos have now been posted and some are being added every hour. Like the Zeppelin picture, a 1.5 year old orange cat with golden yellow eyes. His owners couldn’t get to their home in time, it was completely destroyed and the Zeppelin was missing. “We miss him and we are trapped.”

With a photo of a large brown dog, the caption read: “Has anyone seen my son Razo?”

Tired but alive

Not only have the animals been reported missing, but they have also been found. Every good news message can count on the hearts and praying hands emoji. A photo of an exhausted, but alive cat, which, according to the researcher, “could not stand on its feet,” says that the owner has been found and will come tomorrow to pick up the animal.

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One animal lover wrote, “This dog was covered in ash, but we took her getting water, so does anyone know who she is?” Another person: “My daughter found this cute kitten, with burnt fur and slightly burnt paws.”

Other types of animals, such as birds and rodents, also appear on the page. For example, a large rabbit with burns on the skin and burnt fur was rescued and has now been reunited with its owner.

“This gives hope,” a Facebook member replies under the image of the rabbit. “My neighbors have lost their cats, but this letter gives them courage again.”

Other owners are putting out a desperate plea. “We weren’t home when the fires started,” wrote Hailey Rose Cook. She posted a picture of her “kids,” kitties Thor and Loki. “Our hearts are broken. If anyone sees anything… I know the chances are slim, but please let me know.”

Another animal lover cheering for Hailey. “There are a lot of pets who were home alone who were still able to escape the fire, because the windows often broke in the heat, and they were able to get out.”

Other reports also show that some of the animals made it to safety. For example, the dogs Rocket and Roman were found after they jumped into the ocean during a fire and swam there for three hours.


The Lost and Found page isn’t the only busy page. The Missing Pets of Maui page, which has been around for a while, has also been busier since the fire, as has the animal shelter Maui Humane Society, This is on the island. He’s busy at the shelter itself, but the online staff is also working overtime to reunite the animals and their owners. Their Facebook page wasn’t created specifically after the fires, but it’s suddenly stormy. “We receive thousands of emails, phone calls, comments, and Facebook messages.”

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The animal shelter expects “a flood of hundreds of animals burned or lost” in the coming days. The organization asks for volunteers and donations. “Many of the animals that survived will need care because of smoke inhalation.”

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